Low T3 Syndrome In Chronic Heart Failure


Thyroid abnormalities are common in chronic heart failure. Severity of heart failure rises by several fold in patient with thyroid dysfunction. Aims and objectives: The purpose of this prospective study is to determine the patients of chronic heart failure by clinical and investigational methods. To screen the chronic heart failure patients by subjecting them to thyroid profile. To find an association between Low T3 syndrome and chronic heart failure. To determine the severity of cardiac failure in Low T3 syndrome patients. Method: it is hospital based study of 50 patients, which was conducted in Sree Balaji Medical College. The material for study is formed by adult patient with chronic heart failure between October 2017 to august 2018 fulfilling the inclusion and exclusion criteria. conclusion: There is a significant percentage of chronic heart failure patients having low T3 as biochemical parameter.

Published On: June 2019

Issue: 6

Section: 1

Online ISSN: 2456-8163