Article Reprints of IJCNCS

IJCNCS encourages “ONLINE” publication though we recognize the necessity of “Reprints “by some authors who might require to present their publications to promotion/interview committees, inspection team (MCI,NAAC), and to exhibit the potential of the articles. Therefore, if mandatory, reprints shall be arranged and printed with ‘Reprint Charge’ (RC).

IJCNCS Research Article reprints & Journal copy reprints

IJCNCS Article reprints

Reprint Orders shall be made for
1. IJCNCS Black and white reprints
2. IJCNCS Color reprints

1. IJCNCS Black & white and Color reprints (Charges in Indian Rupees)

Number of Copies 1-4 pages 5-12 pages
10 copies 1000 1500
20 copies 2000 3500
40 copies 3000 3500

IJCNCS Colour Commercial reprints (with customized laminated colour cover page)
(Charges in Indian Rupees)

2. Number of pages in the published research article

Number of Copies 1-4 pages 5-12 pages
10 copies 3000 3500
20 copies 4000 4500
40 copies 5000 5500

Steps to order reprint:

Download and fill the Reprint order form (Link). Send the filled form as attachment to editor. The author shall obtain an Invoice and payment information. After completion of the disbursement formalities, reprints shall be sent to the corresponding author.

General Terms and condition:

IJCNCS reprints are sent through India Speed post/ Courier or by registered Air Post/Air Parcel.